Brazil and Mexico HealthTech & Pharma

Unlocking the Business Potential in Latin America  

Latin America Webinar series: Unlocking the potential of the HealthTech and Pharma sectors in Brazil and Mexico

Key information and insights that can help you plan effectively and drive your decisions regarding the two of largest markets in Latin America. 

With approximately 340 million people (almost half of the population of Latin America), Brazil and Mexico are experiencing growth across their HealthTech and Pharma sectors with the acquisition of medical equipment and devices by hospitals, continuous spends on medication and health supplements, and ongoing growth in telemedicine. Both countries are also grappling with issues such as aging populations and high rates of adult obesity and diabetes.

This webinar series offers New Zealand companies the opportunity to learn more about the market potential, trends and challenges, as well as the latest regulatory framework and strategies in both countries. It is intended for New Zealand companies in the medical devices and equipment, pharma and general healthcare sectors who want to understand the opportunities and changes in the market, and how to best prepare for them, and is specifically designed for those companies currently doing business in Mexico or Brazil or in the early stage of considering either market.

Local experts will provide insights and information to help New Zealand companies understand the scope of the market, de-risk business decisions, accelerate their speed to market, and shorten the path to profitability in Mexico or Brazil.

All webinars are scheduled from 9am – 10am NZT. See agenda below.

All participants who register until May 30th will have exclusive access to the latest edition of the “Medical Equipment Market Report – Latin America 2020”, prepared by Global Health Intelligence Consultancy (GHI), considered the leading healthcare data analytics provider in Latin America.

Why attend:

Brazil and Mexico are two of the largest pharmaceutical, medical devices and health markets in the world.

The Brazilian pharmaceuticals market is ranked 6th largest in the world, and is worth US$32bn. The Mexican pharmaceuticals market is valued at US$7.6bn

The medical devices sector in each country is valued at US$5.5bn.

Brazil’s personal care, beauty and cosmetics market is ranked 4th largest in the world, and is valued at US$30.3bn. Mexico’s personal care, beauty and cosmetics market is valued at US$1.3bn.

Both countries are grappling with issues such as aging populations and high rates of adult obesity (Mexico is the heaviest country in the world per capita) and diabetes. Governments and health organisations are actively looking for innovative health solutions, devices, and to help address these and wider health issues, and are prepared to invest.

In this webinar, New Zealand companies will learn more about the opportunities across the wider health and pharmaceutical markets in Brazil and Mexico as well as how to navigate the regulatory and business environments to maximise success.


9am NZT,
Tuesday 1 June

Brazil HealthTech and Pharma business landscape

Guillaume Corpart, founder and CEO of Global Health Intelligence and Marcos Veçoso, executive director of Minds4Health, will explore the main business aspects of the HealthTech and Pharma markets in Brazil. They will provide an overview of the hospital market, health product consumption rates, prospects for buyers, main players, distribution channels, challenges, opportunities, and trends. 

9am NZT,
Thursday 3 June

Brazil HealthTech and Pharma regulatory landscape

Denise Ricardo and Tatiana Cacioli, founders of Brainlike Regulatory Strategy, and Patricia Verrone, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Vera Rosas Regulatory Affairs, will outline what New Zealand companies need to know to navigate the Brazilian regulatory environment including ANVISA, the Brazilian health regulatory agency. This webinar will cover information on product categories, required licenses and authorisations, registration costs, lead times and hosting services for medicines, medical equipment, food supplements and cosmetic products. 

9am NZT,
Tuesday 15 June

Mexico HealthTech insights and market trends

HealthTech is rapidly developing in Mexico, and it is starting to consolidate and grow as an industry. In this webinar, Guillaume Corpart, founder and CEO of Global Health Intelligence, will present an overview of insights, drivers, and trends across the Mexican HealthTech market, and will explore the opportunities for New Zealand companies and what they might need to do to meet local demand. 

9am NZT,
Thursday 17 June

Latest regulatory changes and milestones In Mexico – Process And Operational Do’s And Don’ts

NZTE Beachheads Advisor and Director of Teorema Xentral, Carlos Almanza and Monica Mabel, Guaita CEO and Founding Partner of MMGC SRL, will provide an introduction to Mexico’s health regulatory framework, from process to estimated costs and timeframes, will outline public policy for nutritional products, food supplements and health care products, and will share key operational insights relating to medicines and medical devices.


Guillaume Corpart

Founder of Global Health Intelligence, Guillaume Corpart has two decades of experience in market intelligence and business consulting. Before creating GHI, he co-founded Americas Market Intelligence, one of the leaders in the research and market intelligence sector in Latin America.

Marcos Veçoso

A consultant with over 30 years of experience in human health, Marcos has been involved with more than 2,500 studies in his career, involving practically all classes of existing drugs, health consumer products, and medical devices. He is currently director of Minds4Health, a consulting and research company specialised in the human health segment.

Denise Ricardo

Denise is the founder and partner of Brainlike Regulatory Strategy, a consultancy specialising in strategic solutions for the regulatory affairs area in Brazil. A qualified pharmacist with postgraduate qualifications in toxicology and health surveillance, she has more than 15 years of experience working in Brazil’s pharmaceutical regulatory sector, including three years as part of the technical team of ANVISA (Brazilian Regulatory Authority) participating in the discussion and implementation of several regulatory frameworks.

Tatiana Cacioli

Tatiana is the founder and partner of Brainlike Regulatory Strategy, a consultancy specialising in strategic solutions for the regulatory affairs area in Brazil. She is a qualified pharmacist specialising in Public Health, Production and Control of Medicines, and has over 18 years of experience in the pharmaceutical sector, especially in regulation, quality, clinical operations and pharmacovigilance.

Patricia Luchiari Verrone

Patricia is the Manager of Regulatory Affairs at Vera Rosas Regulatory Affairs, a consultancy specialising in services across Brazil’s wider health regulatory market. She has more than 15 years of experience in regulatory affairs, is a specialist in medical product registration under ANVISA standards (risk classes I, II, III and IV), and has extensive knowledge in strategies for product launches and marketing. She is a qualified pharmacist with postgraduate qualifications in regulatory affairs.

Alejandro Cerdeira

Alejandro is the Regional Commercial Head for Retail at Sandoz-Novartis, specialising in commercial analysis, marketing strategy and regional plans, and is currently leading the team responsible for managing the impact of COVID-19 on Sandoz-Novartis’ retail business in Mexico. With more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Alejandro has developed and implemented ambitious marketing strategies focused on identifying current and future consumer needs and monitoring competitors activities, and has worked with some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the region including Novartis, Abbott, PiSA, Valeant and Colgate-Palmolive.

Carlos Almanza

Director of Teorema Xentral and NZTE Beachheads Advisor in Mexico, Carlos Almanza has extensive experience in the planning and delivery of commercial strategies including regulatory, marketing, and local and international stakeholder engagement (competitors, industry associations, academy, local and international government bodies) across the healthcare and consumers goods industries.

Monica Mabel Guaita

CEO and Founding Partner of MMGC SRL, Monica’s professional and career development has been permanently based on her interest in healthcare products, national and international politics and legislation applicable to such products, and global regulatory strategy. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the medical device and In Vitro Diagnostic medical devices fields in Latin America.

Miroslava Ortega

Miroslava is a Biomedical Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the regulatory affairs sector in Mexico and 4 years’ experience in quality systems for medical devices. She is the founder of regulatory affairs consultancy firm Nuel Enterprises, and has collaborated on various projects to successfully introduce medical devices to the Mexican market.

Andres Garcia

Andres is the Regulatory Affairs Manager at consultancy firm Nuel Enterprises. He is a Pharmacist Engineer with more than 12 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs, working with global pharmaceutical companies to introduce and increase the pipeline of products into Mexico and LATAM.

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